Class News 2021-2022

Welcome to my class! I am looking forward to meeting your child!  I have included some information that I hope will help make your child's first day of school even more exciting!  Please take a moment to sign-up for Class Dojo and look through my class website with your child by clicking on the links along the side. I have included a video for you to show your child where to go on the first day of school and also a little sneak peek into his/her classroom!  See you on Monday, August 9th!  
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January 18-21
  • Great news!  Our playground in the upper field is now open!! Students all had a chance to go up today and play! 
  • Please remind your child to practice his/her poem.  The poem should be memorized with hand motions. Be ready to recite the poem on February 1st.
  • Who's Tacky the Penguin?  Ask your child what adjectives we used to describe this funny penguin and what evidence there was to support it.  We practiced citing evidence. 
  • Please look over the papers returned today.  Discuss with your child areas he/she is doing well in and areas he/she can still work on.  Return the blue Snoopy folder with a parent signature.
  • Next week is Kindness Week.  Below are the activities your child can participate in:
    • Monday-Literature Reading
    • Tuesday-Wear your "Positivi-tee-shirt"- clothing with a kind message
    • Wear your "Character Counts" shirt or blue
    • Wear yellow for kindness
    • Wear Winter Clothes for School Spirit or wear your Evergreen t-shirt
Secret Word: How can you show kindness?
January 10-14
  • I hope everyone is trying to stay as safe as possible.  We have had several absences these past couple weeks.  Thank you for keeping everyone safe by keeping your child home if he/she is not feeling well or has been exposed.  If you have any questions about the new Covid protocols, please contact our office or check your email from the district regarding this matter.
  • This week we learned about emperor penguins and then wrote a journal entry using the details learned.  Students then typed their journal entry using Google Docs. Today students learned how to insert an image onto their Google Doc.  What quick learners we have in class! Ask your child to share his/her journal entry with you.
  • Students have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Ask your child to share some facts he/she learned.  We also read a story called, The Story of Ruby Bridges.
  • In math we have learned three ways to ungroup: proof drawing, expanded method, and ungroup first method. 
  • Poetry Festival: Your child received a copy of the poem he/she selected yesterday. Your child needs to be ready to recite the poem by February 1st. Your child will be judged on difficulty of poem, expression, and hand motions.
  • Secret word:  Share a hope you have for our world.
January 4-7
  • Happy New Year! We started our week by reading about how cultures around the world celebrated New Year's Day.  We also made our own resolutions!  Ask your child to share the resolutions made for home, school, and community.
  • Students have adjusted well to coming back to school by keeping their masks on throughout the day and washing/sanitizing hands regularly.  Just a reminder, if your child is not feeling well, please do not send your child to school.  Also, if your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, your child should quarantine at home for five days and then get tested. You may contact the office for further details.  We are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you all for your continued support in this matter!  
  • In math we started counting coins with a combination of coins, including quarters now.  Please have your child continue practice counting with real coins at home.  Prodigy is also available for extra practice.
  • We learned about cause and effect today.  Ask your child to share some examples of cause and effect. Students wrote a story today called, Sneezy the Snowman-Part 2 by including some cause and effect sentences as well as dialogue.  What creative stories they all came up with!
  • Secret Word: What is something you can do to keep yourself warm?
December 6-10
  • Students are enjoying our new friend, Frost the Elf!  She's been found in all different locations in our classroom!  Ask your child to share some of the places.
  • Speaking of elves, students wrote an opinion essay on why they think they would be a good elf to help out Santa. Have your child share what qualities he/she has to be a great elf. 
  • Students took their unit 3 test on measurement today. Please have your child show you if there are any assignments still in Think Central to complete.
  • Secret Word:  Write a question for Frost.
Upcoming Events:
  • Monday, December 13th:  Holiday Sock Exchange-please bring a pair of holiday themed socks wrapped up.  Extra socks would be greatly appreciated.
  • Tuesday, December 14th:  Cookie dough pick-up.  Thank you so much for your support!
  • Wednesday, December 15th: Wear RED/GREEN for Primary Sing and our Holiday Party! Bring any goodies if you'd like to add to our stockings.
  • Thursday, December 16th: Wear HOLIDAY WEAR and Minimum Day (Dismissal at 12:00 p.m.) 
November 29-December 3
  • You may have already heard about our special delivery from Santa on Friday!  The students were super excited to see our very own Elf on the Shelf!  Her name is Frost, and we are all excited to have her report back to Santa daily about all the great behaviors I'm sure she'll see in our class! 
  • It's starting to look very festive in our class!  Students practiced measurement by creating Evergreen trees using different lengths of construction paper. Have your child practice with estimating measurement at home as well.  The units of measurement we have learned so far are: centimeter, meter, inches, feet, and yards.
  • Students are working on stretching out their sentences by writing complex sentences.  Complex sentences start with words like: When, If, Before, Even though...
  • We had Mr. Hurst come to our class for a SEL lesson on learning strategies on dealing with anger.  Ask your child to share what strategies he/she learned.
  • Students started their own holiday shopping in class today.  They are learning how to use Google Drawing (creating text boxes, selecting fonts/sizes, copy/paste, adjust sizes of images, and even flipping between tabs) as they are shopping for items for their loved ones.  Ask your child to share with you his/her work in Google Classroom.
  • What a great time we had enjoying pizza today!  Our class has another opportunity to earn a pizza party by turning in the most cookie dough orders!  The last day to turn in the order form is Monday, December 6th.  Your child will receive the orders to pass out on Tuesday, December 14th.  Thank you again for your support!!
  • Our class holiday party will be on Wednesday, December 16th.  Party treats will be provided for our class; however, if anyone would like to bring anything for the class to enjoy for our party, please let me know by Friday, December 10th so we don't get duplicate treats. We currently have twenty-two students in our class. Thank you!
  • Secret word: Where do you think Frost will be on Monday?
Upcoming Events:
  • Monday, December 6th- Cookie dough orders and money are due. Please make checks payable to: Evergreen Community Club (cash is also accepted).
  • Friday, December 10th- Festive Friday (wear holiday apparel).
  • Monday, December 13th-Bring in wrapped socks for our Holiday Sock Exchange.
  • Tuesday, December 14th-Receive cookie dough orders.
  • Tuesday, December 14th- Bring in holiday items for stockings.
  • Wednesday, December 15th-Wear red and/or green, Primary sing, our class holiday party and holiday sock exchange.
  • Thursday, December 16th (minimum day)-Wear Holiday Apparel and hot cocoa treat
Winter Break- December 17-January 3
November 15-19
  • Report cards will be ready to view on parent portal on Friday, November 19th at 5 p.m. Click here for directions.  A lot of papers were returned today in the student's blue Snoopy folder.  Please look over them with your child and share positives!
  • In math we started our unit on measurement and shapes.  Ask your child where they can see everyday shapes all around us. 
  • Students enjoyed creating abstract designs by using the shapes we learned. Ask your child to share how many quadrilaterals they used.
  • What should we eat instead of turkey?  Your child did an opinion writing on answering this question. Ask your child to share the three reasons why we should eat something else.
  • Students learned about how the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated.
  • Secret Word: Share what you are thankful for.
  • November 1-5
  • We have been practicing our songs for our Veteran's Day assembly on Wednesday, November 10th.  Please have your child wear red, white, and blue on Wednesday.  We will not have school on November 11-12th in observance of Veteran's Day.
  • After reading the different versions of Cinderella, students wrote their own part 2 of a fairy tale.  Ask your child to share what he/she wrote.
  • We finished our Unit 2 in math, and the Unit 2 test was returned today along with other papers in their blue Snoopy folder. Please review papers with your child. Please practice counting coins with your child as well as check Think Central for any unfinished assignments.
  • What's the difference between there, they're, and their? Ask your child to give you examples. We made a special their, they're, and there turkey.
  • Mrs. Flores came to our class this week to do a special lesson on manners.  We talked about saying "please" and "thank you" as well as treating others like you want to be treated. Have your child share what are some ways to show manners.  
  • Secret word: Write one way you can show manners.
  • Just a reminder: The disguised turkey is due on Tuesday, November 9th.
October 25-29
  • Students had a great time this week between dressing up for Red Ribbon Week and parading around for our Halloween parade. Please take a moment to check-out the video of the parade I sent in Class Dojo.  Thank you to all the parents who brought treats for our class to enjoy! We also made dirt cups in class today! What fun!
  • We started our unit on Characters Facing Challenges for our Benchmark Advance. This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about how we can overcome challenges.  A couple words I used in class are: perseverance (keep trying) and proactivity (do something to try to solve the problem).
  • In math we started our unit on counting coins. Please give your child as much opportunity to practice counting coins: pennies, nickels, and dimes.  
  • Secret word: Favorite Candy is...
October 18-22
 No secret word this week. 
Please wear red on Monday as we kick off Red Ribbon Week!
See you all on Monday! 
  • I shared with the class that I will be taking Tuesday-Friday off next week (10/19-10/22) to go on a trip to Hawaii for my birthday. I told them it was because the age I will be turning will end with a 0 in the ones place this year.  It was funny to hear what they thought the number could be!  I will be checking my email and Class Dojo, so if you have any concerns during the time I'm away, please feel free to contact me. 
October 11-15
  • Please look over the papers returned today with your child in the Snoopy folder. You will find the Unit 1 math test and Benchmark Advance Unit 1 Week 1 Assessment. We went over how to find the answers together in Benchmark.
  • Students read about how our government creates laws to help keep us safe and to help keep order. Ask your child to share what was learned as well as some silly laws we read about.
  • In math we are working on adding two-digit numbers using different methods: Show All Totals, Proof Drawing and New Groups Above/Below.  The purpose of the first two methods is to help your child gain a better understanding as to why they put a number one in the tens place and/or hundreds place when regrouping. They are doing a great job!
  • What are proper nouns? Ask your child to share some examples of proper and common nouns. 
  •  Secret Words: Name a common noun and then a proper noun of the common noun.
  • Students learned a little about mosaics created by the Romans and then they created their own Halloween mosaic. How creative the mosaics are!
  • I shared with the class that I will be taking Tuesday-Friday off next week (10/19-10/22) to go on a trip to Hawaii for my birthday. I told them it was because my birthday age ended with a 0 in the ones place this year.  It was funny to hear what they thought the number could be!  I will be checking my email and Class Dojo, so if you have any concerns during the time I'm away, please feel free to contact me. 
October 4-8
  • It was great conferencing with all of you during our parent conferences!  Your child brought home the papers I shared with you this week.  These papers do not need to be returned back to school. Please share things you're proud of with your child and areas your child can still improve in as discussed during our conference.
  • We started our second unit in Benchmark Advance and started reading about what a police officer does.  They also heard a funny story called Officer Buckle and Gloria. Ask your child to share some safety tips learned.
  • Our school psychologist, Mr. Hurst, came to our class to share things that make us happy and read a book called A Spot of Happiness. Ask your child what makes him or her happy.  Secret word: write down something that makes you happy.
September 27-October 1
  • Great News!! Our class won a pizza party thanks to all your generous donations to Community Club! We raised the most money in second grade! Thank you so much for supporting our school!
  • What an amazing group of hard workers there are in our class!  I am just so proud of all of them for working so well independently and always putting forth their best effort! I wish you can all see what I see every day...we have instrumental music playing in the background, and they are all actively engaged!
  • We  read a historical fiction called "Can You Sew a Flag, Betsy Ross?" and practiced annotating in Benchmark Education.  We are working on thinking about our reading with questions or comments.  Students also learned how to take notes on our circle map as well as how to retell a story by stating only the important events. Ask your child what he/she learned about Betsy Ross and the first American flag?
  • Your child received a couple book orders for October. You may either place your order online, or your child may bring the order form with payment to school.  Click here if you'd like to place an online order.
  • Secret word: Please answer if you can still make it to your parent conference time.
  • Next week is Parent Conference Week.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress. Click here for the Zoom link to join parent conference. Meeting ID: 834 1622 6585.  See you all next week!
September 20-24
  • Why do we have a government?  Students learned ways the government helps us and how they all help pay for the government with taxes. They were quite shocked with that!  Students also learned about smoke jumpers and what they do.  They all wrote an amazing journal about their experience as a smoke jumper.  Thank you for asking your child to share his/her journal with you.  
  • Happy fall! Students participated in a Mystery Science activity about leaves and why they change colors. Ask your child why leaves change colors.  They also learned to draw a fall tree.
  • Students learned about the Harvest Moon Festival and created a lantern to help decorate his/her room.  Ask your child to share the folktale of the moon lady.
  • Secret word for Class News: smoke jumpers
  • What makes up a complete sentence?  Students know the answer is a subject and predicate. We then took that information and learned how to write compound sentences.  They wrote compound sentences on notecards and worked together to build the tallest tower they could. What fun!
September 13-17
  • Students have been working on various math problems in class.  They have also been practicing with the make a ten strategy for adding.  Did your child show you how to make a ten while adding?
  • We celebrated International Dot Day on September 15th by joining a live broadcast featuring Peter Reynolds, who is the author of the book The Dot. We also sang the song, "The Dot".  Did your child sing it for you?
  • We are working on practicing with oral speaking by using FlipGrid. Have your child share his/her video recording.
  • Have your child write down our special Class News word on Friday's section of their Homework Tracker. Word: dot
  • Thank you for your support for our Educational Community Club Drive.  Please turn in your envelope with a parent signature by next Friday, September 24th. Thank you!
  • After reading another story by Peter Reynolds called Sky Color, students created their own sky color in class! Have your child share his/her abstract artwork.
September 7-10
  • After reading the Benchmark Advance book, Postcards, students traveled to these amazing places using Google Earth!  What fun we had traveling the world all from our classroom.
  • Students are continuing to work on building up their math fluency. Have your child share the make a ten game using playing cards. Play against your child and see who gets the most cards!
  • Since we are unable to go on real field trips at this time, students went on a live virtual field trip to a dairy farm in Ontario.  Students learned many facts about cows and then wrote an informative paragraph! This will lead to our nutrition unit by the Dairy Council.
  • Students are continuing to get familiar with SeeSaw this week. We had a few assignments practicing with compound sentences and possessive nouns. Check to see if your child has any returned assignments needing corrections. 
  • Show your support for Student Council by purchasing your Growth Mindset shirt!  Scan the QR code on the flyer your child received.
  • Community Club Education Support Drive has begun! Your child received the envelope today.  Thank you for supporting our school!
August 30-September 3
  • This week students read a non-fiction book in Benchmark Advance called Hurricanes. After watching  some videos about Hurricane Ida and Katrina, students wrote a narrative pretending they experienced a hurricane. Please ask your child to share the writing that was returned today.
  • We had our first theater class this week in the MPR. Students will be learning creative ways to express themselves.  Ask your child what he/she learned.
  • We started working on some SeeSaw activities. Your child will be having homework sometimes using SeeSaw at home.  
  • Continue to have your child practice math fluency by visiting the sites on Google Classroom.
  • We learned a new song today by Will.I.Am called What I Am. Sing along together.  We sing songs in class to promote literacy as well as discussion topics for Social Emotional Learning. After singing the song together, have your child complete this sentence-What I am is ...... and type the answer in Class Dojo.
  • Parent Conference sign-ups. Please click here to sign-up if you haven't done so yet.
  • We started Epic this week. Epic has a lot of books for your child to read at his/her level. Unfortunately, your child only has access to it until 3:00 p.m.  If you would like your child to have unlimited access to EPIC, you can purchase a subscription here.
August 23-27
  • Students have about twenty minutes daily to read their AR books in class and to take a quiz when he/she is finished.  On Monday you will receive a letter explaining how you can sign-up for Home Connect for AR. By signing up, you will be notified of the results of your child's AR quizzes.  
  • Please take a moment to look over the papers in the blue Returned Paper folder and sign the back. Please also sign the reading log on the back of your child's homework tracker after he/she has finished reading.
  • Today we learned about adjectives and participated in a directed drawing on self-portraits. Ask your child what adjectives he/she used to describe themselves. This is the song we sang in class about adjectives that they thought was silly. Click here to listen.
  • In math we are practicing with adding doubles. It would help your child to practice math fluency. Here's a site to try. Click on Addition-Level 1 and Subtraction-Level 1 to practice. Click here to have your child practice. 
  • Your child may still have unfinished Think Central assignments. Have your child show you their Things to Do in Think Central to see if there are any assignments. If so, please have your child try to complete as many assignments as possible.
  • Your child can earn $20 class bucks if you respond to Class Dojo with 2 adjectives to describe your child. No one except me will see your responses. I hope to use Class Dojo as the main means of communication between home and school. 
  • Picture day is on Wednesday, September 1st.
  • Order your Growth Mindset t-shirts/sweatshirts here! We wear them on Wednesdays! Click here to order.
August 16-20
  • Students worked hard this week getting the routine of copying down homework as well as completing it.  Please sign the homework tracker each day and just make sure your child has completed his/her work. Your child should also be reading 20 minutes every day and writing the book down on the reading log, which is on the back of the homework tracker.
  • Please look over the papers inside the blue Returned Folder and return only the blue folder with a parent signature. The papers inside may stay at home.
  • We learned how to make a ten strategy while adding larger numbers. Ask your child to show you how to make a ten when adding numbers like: 8+5 or 9+6.
  • Today we listened to a story called The Dot, which is about having a growth mindset. Please have your child read the growth mindset book he/she completed.  We also learned about a famous artist named Wasily Kandisky, who is known for creating abstract art. Each child created their own concentric circles like Kandisky. 
  • Please remind your child to bring a lonely sock or small cloth (4"x4") to use for wiping the white board.
  • Thank you again for all the donations for our class!  We currently have 2 purifiers working in the classroom along with a couple cases of disinfecting wipes.  We are continuing to disinfect our desks daily along with either washing or wiping our hands before eating.
August 9-13
  • We had such a great first week! The students all did an amazing job adjusting to in-person learning. Next week, students will be getting a homework folder with a homework tracker that needs a signature each night. Please remind your child to bring his/her homework back to school everyday.
  • Thank you for joining our Back to School Night and as I mentioned, if at anytime you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Class Dojo is the preferred method. If you haven't signed up for Class Dojo yet, please take a moment to do so. Click here to sign-up.
  • Safety Protocols we are doing in our class:  
    • Wearing masks at all times.
    • Students are facing forward while working independently with the district recommended 3 feet distance.
    • Student desks are wiped down daily with disinfectant wipes.
    • Students are washing or disinfecting hands with wipes before snack and lunch.
    • Our class will have at least 2 air purifiers.
  • Thank you for all the donations for our class!  Please return the white envelope by Monday, August 16th if you haven't done so yet.
  • Book orders were sent home today. If you plan to purchase any books, please submit orders by Friday, August 20th.
  • This week we read some great picture books: First Day Jitters, Birthdays, and We Don't Eat our Classmates. Ask your child to share his/her favorite one.  
  • Students enjoyed drawing a self-portrait of themselves smiling. Ask your child what makes him/her smile. We even had a discussion about the world's most famous portrait-Mona Lisa. What can your child tell you about it?
  • Have a restful weekend!