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Class News 2022-2023

September 26-30
  • What a fun spirit assembly we had today! So many students showed school spirit by participating in Crazy Hair Day!  
  • Students had fun building a tower with cards they wrote math facts on. Ask your child how he/she built their tower.
  • Students read a historical fiction, "Getting the Message to General Washington", with prosody this week.  Encourage your child to read at least twenty minutes daily at home.
  • Help your child practice the poem and songs for our upcoming performance!  Please mark your calendar for October 28th at 9am.
  • I look forward to seeing you next week for parent conferences. Please be punctual for your conference time. Thank you!
  • Secret words:  Share your favorite riddle.
September 19-23
  • We read about Our Government's Laws and how rules and laws keep us safe. Ask your child to share a safety tip!
  • Thank you parents for all the generous donations to our Community Education Support Drive.
  • Students have also been working on using the make a ten strategy for subtraction. Ask your child some questions: 12-8= using the make a ten strategy.
  • Students received book order flyers today. They are due on Thursday, September 29th if you would like to place an order.
  • We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday this coming Monday by making applesauce in class. Your child can contribute by bringing 1-2 apples that are peeled and chopped up into little cubes. 
  • Secret word: Share your favorite safety tip.
September 12-16
  • We have been working on making a ten as a strategy while adding. Did your child teach you?
  • Many See Saw assignments were returned to your child. If time permits, please have your child make the corrections and return the assignments.
  • We celebrated International Dot Day yesterday!  After hearing the story, The Dot, students had a great time creating their own artwork with dots.  This story is about having a growth mindset. Ask your child what's the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
  • Who's Kandinsky?  Students created concentric circles influenced by Kandinsky.  We learned about abstract art and warm/cool colors.  
  • Secret Word: What is your favorite color?
  • Next Friday, September 23, is the last day to order SOAR t-shirts and sweatshirts.
September 5-9
  • Students have been working hard as math detectives as they have been solving various math problems.  
  • Students in Room 12 know how to make a five-point star with only one snip just like Betsy Ross!  This activity helped children work on perseverance and coping strategies!  
  • We have been reading historical fiction as well as non-fiction texts.  Students learned a lot about elephants this week and then wrote a narrative about going to a zoo using details from the non-fiction texts. Ask your child to share some elephant facts.
  • Secret word: Share an interesting fact about elephants.
  • Today was the first day of theater for our class!  Students were excited! They learned words like ensemble, V.I.B.E.S. and actor ready... Ask your child what he/she liked about VAPA!
  • Please look over the papers in your child's returned paper folder over this weekend and sign under parent signature.
  • Your child received our annual Community Club fundraiser envelope.  Please return the envelope with a parent signature next week. Thank you for always being so supportive of our school!!
  • Students were introduced to our second grade dance performance- Danse Macabre!  This will be our first performance at Evergreen after three years!  Save the date-Friday, October 28th at 9 a.m.
August 29-September 2
  • What are smoke jumpers? Students know the answer to that! After learning the facts about smoke jumpers, students wrote a journal entry pretending to be a smoke jumper.  Ask your child what he/she wrote about.
  • Students have access to Prodigy at home to work on math concepts.  
  • We talked about students' strengths after singing the song " What I Am" by Will I. Am. Click here to sing it with your child. 
  • Secret word: What's your strength?
  • Show school spirit by purchasing your SOAR shirt!!  Click here to order! Students will wear SOAR shirts on Wednesdays.
August 22-26
  • Thank you for helping your child use See Saw and Google Classroom at home.  We will be using these frequently at home. The more we practice with these applications, the more independent the students will become.  
  • In math we are continuing to learn different adding strategies such as adding doubles and doubles plus one.  We also learned a fun adding game to practice odd/even.  Ask your child how to play the odd/even game.  You may have your child catch up on any Think Central Assignments through portal.  
  • Epic is available for students to read mostly only on Thursdays since it's only available until 3 p.m. unless pay for an upgraded version.  Please remind your child to write down a book for each day on the reading log.  
  • Secret word: Write an act of kindness you can do at home.
  • As we read Postcards in class, students also took a few trips to other parts of the world using Google Earth. Ask your child where he/she visited.
  • Today students worked in groups to create Growth Mindset posters. Ask your child what are some slogans we talked about as a class.  Now is a great time to encourage your child to have a growth mindset: to realize that challenges make our brain stronger...mistakes are keep trying.  Ask your child what the power of YET means.  We also talked about perseverance and proactivity today as well.  What does it mean to your child?
August 14-19
  • We are continuing with getting to know you activities as well as with logging into different programs.  Thank you for helping your child log into portal.  We will be working on different computer activities at home throughout the year.  So far, your child may also practice math fluency at home on programs like Xtra Math and Prodigy from Bookmarks on portal.  We also started Think Central as well. 
  • In math we are learning an adding strategy on how to make a 10.  You can have your child practice. For example, make a 10 when adding 8+5....that's 10+3=13.
  • Have your child sing the song What's your favorite? Click here to hear the music.
  • Please look over the STAR Reading and Math assessments sent home. Also attached is home connect for you to sign-up for notification of AR quizzes taken at school.
  • Just a reminder: TONIGHT 8/19 is movie night at Evergreen Elementary. The gate opens at 7:15 p.m. and the movie starts at 8:00 p.m. Bring your own chairs/blankets! There will also be food available for purchase!!
  • Please return the donation envelope to school by Monday, August 22nd. Thank you for your support!
  • Secret word: Name your favorite fruit.
August 8-12
  • We are off to a great start getting to know each other and getting familiar with our class routines.  
  • Students listened to several stories this week such as We Don't Eat Our Classmates and First Day Jitters.  Ask your child to share his/her favorite story.
  • Book orders are due this evening.  Please place them online if you are interested. You may click here to order. Your child should receive the books within a couple weeks.
  • Please send a sock (doesn't need to be new, just washed) with your child to use for erasing whiteboards.
  • I apologize for sending the Community Club flyer home late. If you are interested in volunteering for community club, please fill out the green paper on the back. Thank you!
  • Secret Word:  Write down one thing you like about school.
  • Please remember to sign your child's homework tracker every night and to make sure your child fills out his/her reading log on the back daily. Thank you!
Welcome to Room 12!  I can't wait to see you! There will also be another special yellow character in front of my class to greet you. Can you guess who it might be?
  • When you find  Room 12, please put your backpack on one of the hooks outside the door.
  • Find your name tag and place it on your shirt.
  • You may come into the class and find a desk you would like to sit at. Please leave all supplies under your desk.
  • See you all tomorrow!! Don't forget, tomorrow's start time is 8:15 a.m. and minimum day dismissal is at 11:45 a.m.
Parents: Please click here to sign-up for Class Dojo and sign-in to Google Classroom by clicking here.