Kinder Learning Resource

Dear Parents,

As we work through our school closure, we want to provide you with a list of grade-level appropriate resources for you to access with your child.  We have compiled a list of resources. As a reminder, your child will not be returning any of this work to his/her teacher.  Nothing on this list is mandatory, rather it is a compilation of activities to keep kids reading, thinking, and thriving, and active.

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Language Arts-Reading

   Choose a grade-level appropriate reader/ informational text.  Read 15 minutes each day.                 (independently or read aloud) After 15 minutes of reading


                                                    Language Arts-Writing

Speaking: Use complete sentences to share thoughts and feelings.  Ask questions when                 possible.  Speaking in complete sentences helps prepare students to become good writers.


Suggested Speaking Prompts: 1. What is your favorite book? Why? 2. What is a talent that you           have? 3. My best friend is_____ because____. 4. At recess, I like to_____. 5. Write about your       best day ever. What would you do? 6. If you received three wishes, what would you wish for?           Why? 7. If I could be an animal, I would be____. 8. My favorite movie is_____. I like it                       because_____. 9. What do you like best about your classroom? 10. My favorite thing to do with       my parents is____ because____.


   Number Recognition:  Practice counting out loud, writing numbers to 100, and counting by 10s to    100. Count the number of shoes at your house. Count the steps.. Show a number (1-10) in              various ways: i.e., in a tens frame, tally marks, addition sentence, subtraction sentence, in a            number line, write/draw an equation ( * * * = 2+1) draw a picture, etc.


  Word Problems:  Practice making story problems with items around the house.  For example, “I      have 4 red legos.  I have 6 blue legos.  How many altogether?”  “I read 2 books today. I need to      read 5 books. How many more books do I need to read?” “I have __ beds in my home. I have __    doors in my home.How many beds and doors do I have all together?” These problems can be          written with sentences/ drawn with pictures.


Practice good hygiene: Wash hands for 20 sec., use a tissue, brush teeth 2x a day, get good          nights rest.

Be active every day for 20 minutes: You can run outside, run in place, dance, do push-ups, sit-        ups, jump rope, skip, garden, bounce a ball, use a hula hoop or anything else that keeps your          body moving.  Count steps when you walk from one place to another. Make sure to warm-up and    cool down by stretching.

  -Move forward, sideways, curved and in zig-zag pathways.

  -Use the concepts - slow, fast, under, over, behind, next to, through, right, left, up,

  down, forward, backward and in front of.

  -Locomotor skills —run, hop forward 8 times, jump in place, gallop

Keep a list of healthy foods you eat each day: A food journal can be fun and helpful.  Write down    sentences such as, “I like ____ and it tasted____.”

Social Studies

Citizenship: Social studies means being part of a community.  Talk about and write a list of things    you can do to be part of a kind community.  What are things you can do to help your family?  Try      to do some of those.


Sharing and Caring: Practice Kindness and Gratitude for your family.  Write notes and share your    thoughts.  


Weather Log- Keep track of the weather on a calendar everyday.  Make a journal to show kinds      of weather and write a sentence to tell what you can do in that kind of weather.


Look for Signs of Spring:  Weather changes, plants/leaves growing, animals growing, and                discuss with your family.  Share your opinions and ideas.  Write some of the most interesting            things you see.  Draw them.

Online Resources

  Accessing the WVUSD District Resources: Go to the Evergreen Eagles Website- then go to the dropdown/STUDENTS- go to              BOOKMARKS- Evergreen- here is a list of live links to different websites. Some of these are only    active from 8-3 PM.