Ms. Mona Warren » Every Child a Super Reader: an outline

Every Child a Super Reader: an outline

                        Every Child A Super Reader
                                  by Pam Allyn and Earnest Morrell
Raising Super Readers:  10 Fundamentals Principles  (This is the part I shared with you)
Principle 1:  Super readers learn to read by reading interactively.
Principle 2:  Super readers have a strong foundation in oral language.
Principle 3:  Super readers understand that reading and writing are mutually beneficial 
                    language processes.
Principle 4:  Super readers read broadly and deeply for authentic purposes.
Principle 5:  Super readers have access to many kinds of texts.
Principle 6:  Super readers need the freedom to make choices about what they read.
Principle 7:  Super readers need 'reading role models".
Principle 8:  Super readers thrive in a collaborative community of readers.
Principle 9:  Super readers develop the strengths and skills to read by spending time reading
                           "Seven Strengths to Open a World of Possible"
"The seven strengths are habits and feelings that educators and parents must nurture in children to provide them with the foundations they need to become super readers."
     1.  Belonging: Identifying as a valued, represented member of a larger community.
     2.  Curiosity:  Fostering a willingness to explore new territory and test new theories.
     3.  Friendship:  Having close, trusting relationships and personal connections to others -
          learning to interact in positive, productive ways. 
     4.  Kindness:  Being compassionate toward others, expressing tenderness that has an 
          impact, near and far.
     5.  Confidence:  Thinking independently and expressing ideas with assurance. 
     6.  Courage:  Having the strength to do something that you know is right, even though it
          may be difficult.
    7.  Hope:  Thinking optimistically and believing that today's efforts will produce good things
         in the future for yourself and the world.  
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