Keys to Success: Character Ed

The Keys to Success and Borba's Moral Intelligences are the foundation of our Character Education Program.  Beginning in kindergarten and continued through 5th grade, students will develop life skills to support all aspects of their development.  It is important for the children to be able to practice these skills outside of school and to observe and articulate these concepts in relevant and meaningful ways.  So that you can best support them, here is an overview.  As we learn and practice them in class, I will share the concepts in more detail with you.  
Keys to Success/Success Attributes:  based on a longitudinal study, these six 'keys' were found to have contributed to student success:
     1.  Self Awareness
     2.  Support System
     3.  Goal Setting
     4.  Coping Strategies
     5.  Perseverance
     6.  Proactivity
Borba's Moral Intelligences:  "the capacity to understand right from wrong; these seven essential virtues teach children to do what's right and resist any pressure that may defy the habits of good character."
     1.  Respect
     2.  Empathy
     3.  Kindness
     4.  Conscience
     5.  Self-control
     6.  Fairness
     7.  Tolerance