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Grades & Homework Policies


All grades will be weighted as follows:

Ø  Tests/Quizzes/Projects are worth 60% of final grade.

Ø  Homework/Class Work Assignments are worth 40% of final grade.

A       93-100%

A-      90-92%

B+      87-89%

B        83-86%

B-      80-82%

C+      77-79%

C        73-76%

C-      70-72%

D+      67-69% *

D       63-66% *

D-      60-62% *

U       59% or below *


*Most tests that are below a 70% will be corrected by the student, signed by parent, and turned in the next day to earn a 70%.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home approximately every 6 weeks on Friday.  I send two copies, one is to be signed and returned to school on Monday, and the other is for your records. 

Monthly Calendar

A monthly calendar will be sent home to let the students and parents know about the upcoming tests and activities for the month.   Students will fill in the upcoming activities.

Homework Policy

Ø  All homework that is assigned is review from the day’s lesson and started in class.  Work not completed in class becomes homework. Even if work is completed in class, students should bring it home to review with their parents.  If it is listed in the Homework Planner, it is homework.

Ø  Late work is not acceptable.  Students who turn in their work by the end of the day will receive 75% of what is earned.  Students who do not complete their work or leave it at home will receive a 0 on the assigned assignments.  On larger projects, students will receive 10% off for every day that it is late.

Ø  Students should not have over an hour of homework per night.  If students have more than one hour, discuss with them the importance of using their class time wisely in order to finish more work in class.

Ø  Typically four assignments a night

§  Reading- at least 30 minutes something of the student’s choice

§  Math- follow up from the day’s lesson

§  Other subject area assignment- studying for upcoming vocabulary, social studies, or science tests; grammar, reading, writing, or spelling; practice and planning for an upcoming oral presentation


Ø  All homework is gone over and started in class.  It is common for students to finish before they go home.  The amount of homework depends on the student.  If he or she is organized and uses class time responsibly, homework could be minimal.