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Kindergarten Information

How should we dress?
The most appropriate clothes for kindergartners are those in which they can run, play and sit on the rug.  They should be clothes that they can get dirty.  Tennis shoes are best.  No slippers or open-back sandals are permitted.  Please make sure your child knows how to tie them.  Otherwise, shoes with Velcro work well.  Please label sweaters and jackets with child’s name. 
Arrivals and Dismissals
Please have the children at school NO earlier than 7:55 am as there is no supervision prior to that time.  The children are to line up against the wall and wait for the teacher to open the door; they may not play on the playground.
Children will be marked tardy if they arrive after 8:10 am.
Please have the children wear their nametags all week, the first week of school.
Parents: do not remain on the kindergarten playground in the morning, this is for safety reasons.
At dismissal please wait at the kindergarten gate, do not go to classroom doors.
Children will not be released to anyone other than parent without written authorization.
Students need to remain with their parent once they are dismissed from class.  They may not play 
on the playground before or after school as there is no teacher supervision. 
Only paid bus riders may ride the school bus.
Illnesses, Absences and Tardies
Illnesses:  For the benefit of your child and all the kindergarten students, please keep your child at home if they are exhibiting symptoms of a cold, sore throat, fever, vomiting or nausea.  Due to the close proximity and nature of our daily activities many illnesses are easily transferred from one student to another.  Keeping a sick child at home will diminish their chances of getting a secondary infection and will speed their recovery.  It will also curtail the spread of infection to others.
If a child has a fever, they are not to return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
Absences:  If your child is absent due to illness or other reasons, please call the school office to report the absence.  The phone number for the school office is: (909) 594-1041.
Tardies:  Students arriving after 8:10 am will be marked tardy.
Important Information for Your Child's Teacher
Please advise your child’s teacher if any of the following apply:
A.  Your child has allergies of any kind – food, medication, or pet and the procedures you follow.  Please alert the office as well if medication needs to be given to your child while at school.
B.  Change in pick-up – your child’s personal information card should have all persons named that your child may be released to.  If there are additions or deletions, please let us know in writing or call the office.
C.  Changes just for the day -  if you need to change from your usual pick-up routine, it would be helpful for us to know so that we can assist your child anticipate the change.
D.  After school care – parents are responsible for alerting their after-school care providers with school schedules so that they pick-up their students on time.
Beginning August 27 we will begin extended day.  That’s when our kindergarten hours change and students begin having lunch at school on Mondays through Thursdays.  Our students are supervised by two noon aides.  They have 20 minutes to eat and 20 minutes of recess.  Please provide lunches that are balanced and in small portions.  Also, do not send food or snacks containing peanuts or peanut oil.  Lunch boxes and bags need to have the student’s name clearly written on the outside.
Here are some readiness things for your child to know:
1.  Being able to dress without assistance.  This would include sweaters and
     jackets.  Also including hanging jacket on the back of a chair without
     it falling off.
2. Tying, zipping, buttoning and snapping
3.  Taking care of all bathroom needs
4.  Be able to recognize their name in print
5.  Be able to write first name with a capital first letter and lower case
      letters thereafter
6.  Recognize and name the following colors:
Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, brown, gray, pink, and
7.  Count from 1-20
8.  Name numerals from 0-10 
Here are some readiness things for you as parents to do:
1.  Please put first and last names on all articles of clothing that might be left at school.  sweaters, coats, sweatshirts, rain gear, back packs, etc
2.  Emphasize to your child that all toys stay at home
3.  Children do best when they come to school well rested.  Please in the best interest of your child’s education have them in bed early.
4.  A health start to the morning begins with a nutritious breakfast.
5.  And most of all, please don’t worry about your child, we will take excellent care of them!
Birthdays and Un-birthdays
We acknowledge students birthdays.  If you wish to participate, please notify your child’s teacher in advance.  Please take note: we do not allow birthday invitations to be passed out at school, unless there are enough for every child. 
We do have a class Summer Birthday Celebration at the end of the year for children with birthdays during the summer months.  Teachers will contact parents of those students as to the date and time. 

Student Fees: The California Constitution mandates that public education be provided to students free of charge, unless a charge is specifically authorized by law for a particular program or activity. This constitutional right of free access encompasses all educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and regardless of whether credit is awarded for the educational activity. The right of free access also prohibits mandated purchases of materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms associated with the activity, as well as the payment of security deposits for access, participation, materials or equipment. A process that allows for a waiver process for an otherwise mandatory fee, charge or deposit does not render it constitutionally permissible.