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Kindergarten » Purpose of Family Projects

Purpose of Family Projects

Dear Parents,
       Monthly Family Projects.  The purpose of these projects is to allow each child the opportunity to individually practice problem-solving/critical thinking skills, to be creative and to verbally express their thoughts and ideas. Teachers review the instructions for each project so the children understand what they are to do. Allow them to share these directions with you.
        Your role as the parent is to guide, encourage and assist your child.  As you share ideas together, please discuss the materials, design and, most importantly, the process.  Keep in mind that you are not to complete the project for your child.  The project should reflect your child’s work (we can tell the difference!).

Your child will be asked to share their project with their classmates. It is important for each child to practice speaking in sentences with adequate volume. Teachers will ask questions such as, "How did you make this?", "Who helped you and what part did you do?" and "What was your favorite part of the project?"

Our goal is that you would be able to notice growth in your child's abilities to plan/design projects, to communicate clearly, to ask questions and seek answers, and to develop
team/collaboration skills.


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