Mrs. Diana Rogers » Grades & Homework Policy

Grades & Homework Policy


All grades will be weighted as follows:

Ø  Tests/Quizzes are worth 60% of final grade.

Ø  Homework/Class Work Assignments are worth 40% of final grade.


A       93-100%

A-      90-92%

B+      87-89%

B        83-86%

B-      80-82%

C+      77-79%

C        73-76%

C-      70-72%

D+      67-69% 

D       63-66% 

D-      60-62% 

U       59% or below  



Homework Policy


Ø  All homework that is assigned is review from the day’s lesson and started in class.  Work not completed in class becomes homework. Even if work is completed in class, students should bring it home to review with their parents.  

Ø  Late work is not acceptable.  Homework is due by 8:15 a.m. on the assigned day. Students will not be permitted to call home to have forgotten work brought to school. Students will receive 10% off for every day that it is late.