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Evergreen Welcomes Lorraine Temple and Her Two Huskies from Alaska

Today, Evergreen had the great privilege to meet Lorraine Temple and her Huskies from Alaska.   She shared her dogs, Willow and Buddy, her experiences as a musher in Alaska, and the many jobs and opportunities she has had because of moving to Alaska as a young adult.  She has done everything from running a commercial fishing boat to handling dogs for sled teams, to starting her own unique business guiding tourists via dogsled on a glacier in Alaska, to being in a major motion picture with her own dogs.  She personally owned 98 dogs at one time and still often has more than 50 at any given time.  Her message to the students was to follow their life’s path and to be the best they can be. Her favorite quote is, “To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path and don’t worry about the darkness for that is when stars shine the brightest.” Author Unknown

Student Fees: The California Constitution mandates that public education be provided to students free of charge, unless a charge is specifically authorized by law for a particular program or activity. This constitutional right of free access encompasses all educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and regardless of whether credit is awarded for the educational activity. The right of free access also prohibits mandated purchases of materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms associated with the activity, as well as the payment of security deposits for access, participation, materials or equipment. A process that allows for a waiver process for an otherwise mandatory fee, charge or deposit does not render it constitutionally permissible.