CLASS NEWS 2021-2022

January 18-21
  • Monday is our 100th Day of School!  On this exciting day our new playground in the upper field is officially open!! Students all had a chance to go up on Friday and test it out! 
  • Please remind your child to practice his/her poem.  The poem should be memorized with hand motions. Students need to be ready to recite the poem on February 1st, so lots of practice in front of family will help get them ready.
  • Who's Tacky the Penguin?  Ask your child what adjectives we used to describe this funny penguin and what evidence there was to support it.  We practiced citing evidence. 
  • Please look over the papers returned to your child.  Discuss with your child areas he/she is doing well in and areas he/she can still work on.  Return the red folder with a parent signature.
  • It is Kindness Week.  Below are the activities your child can participate in:
    • Monday-Literature Reading
    • Tuesday-Wear your "Positivi-tee-shirt"- clothing with a kind message
    • Wear your "Character Counts" shirt or blue
    • Wear yellow for kindness
    • Wear Winter Clothes for School Spirit or wear your Evergreen t-shirt
January 10-14
  • I hope everyone is trying to stay as safe as possible.  We have had several absences these past couple weeks.  Thank you for keeping everyone safe by keeping your child home if he/she is not feeling well or has been exposed.  If you have any questions about the new Covid protocols, please contact our office or check your email from the district regarding this matter.
  • Students have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Ask your child to share some facts he/she learned.  We will continue with a few more activities tomorrow in class.
  • In math we have learned three ways to ungroup: proof drawing, expanded method, and ungroup first method. Please remember to practice basic math facts.  Knowing these really help when subtracting double digits.
  • Poetry Festival: Your child will be taking home a packet a poems this week to choose a poem to memorize.  Please be on the lookout for this packet. Your child needs to be ready to recite the poem by February 1st. Your child will be judged on difficulty of poem, expression, and hand motions.
  • Valentine's Day: I have had some questions regarding Valentine's Day.  We will have an optional Valentine exchange.  Currently we have 22 students, 14 boys and 8 girls.
January 4-7
    • Happy New Year!  We made our own resolutions!  Ask your child to share the resolutions he/she made.
    • Students have adjusted well to coming back to school by keeping their masks on throughout the day and washing/sanitizing hands regularly.  Just a reminder, if your child is not feeling well, please do not send your child to school.  Also, if your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, your child should quarantine at home for five days and then get tested. You may contact the office for further details.  We are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you all for your continued support in this matter!  
    • In math we started counting coins with a combination of coins, including quarters now.  Please have your child continue practice counting with real coins at home.  Prodigy is also available for extra practice.
November 1-5
  • We have been practicing our songs for our Veteran's Day assembly on Wednesday, November 10th.  Please have your child wear red, white, and blue on Wednesday.  We will not have school on November 11-12th in observance of Veteran's Day.
  • We finished our Unit 2 in math, and will be taking the Unit 2 test on Tuesday.  Please practice counting coins with your child as well as double digit addition.
  • Mrs. Flores came to our class this week to do a special lesson on manners.  We talked about saying "please" and "thank you" as well as treating others like you want to be treated. Have your child share what are some ways to show manners.  
  • Mr. Hurst also visited our class this week for a lesson on how to deal with the emotion of anger and how to cope when you are feeling angry in an appropriate way.
  • Just a reminder: The disguised turkey is due on November 10th. 
October 18-22
  • Students took a quiz for math, please see their red folder for scores and check over their math homework pages sent home.
  • We will have some different homework next week, but still use the homework tracker for assignments.
  • Character Mask Project: Students should be ready with their mask and written report to share with the class on Thursday. If they have already turned it in I will give it to them to practice their speech on Wednesday for homework. 
  • Here is the Red Ribbon Week dress up days:

    Monday (10/25) Proud to be Drug Free: Wear red to help kick off Red Ribbon Week!

    Tuesday (10/26) Team Up Against Drugs: Wear your favorite sports shirt or jersey.

    Wednesday (10/27) Follow Your Dreams: Wear pajamas.

    Thursday (10/28) From Head to Toe, I'm Drug Free!: Crazy hair and socks

    Friday (10/29) Drugs are Scary: Wear your Halloween costume.


October 11-15
  • In math we are working on adding two-digit numbers using different methods: So far we have used Sticks and Circles to help understand how to make a new ten or new hundred. This helps their understanding as to why they put a number one in the tens place and/or hundreds place when regrouping. They are doing a great job!
  • What are contractions? Ask your child to share some examples of these shortened words.  Today they used teamwork to create contraction towers. I'll share pictures in Dojo.
  •  We wrote a paragraph today about similarities and differences in our characters Great Big Billy Goat Gruff and Troll.
  • For non-fiction we have been reading about bats and learning what nocturnal and echolocation means and how bats differ in size and what different kinds of bats eat.
  • I've extended the time for the Character Mask Project and included the directions and samples in Google Classroom for reference. 
October 4-8
  • It was great conferencing with all of you during our parent conferences!  Your child brought home the papers I shared with you this week.  These papers do not need to be returned back to school. Please share things you're proud of with your child and areas your child can still improve in as discussed during our conference.
  • We started our second unit in Benchmark Advance called Characters Facing Challenges. We have read a few versions of Cinderella stories from around the world and different cultures.  Be on the lookout for a Character Mask home project coming home soon. To help you can start talking with your child about their favorite characters from stories they have read.
  • Unit 2 in math began with place value.  Your child has brought home blue number cards to help practice place value.
September 27-October 1
  • Students are dong a great job with our routine of daily schedule, homework, fitness, PE, library, theater, and weekly quiz taking.
  • We  read a historical fiction called "Getting a Message to General George Washington" and practiced writing a summary.  Ask your child what he/she learned about Tom in this story.
  • We also took out first math unit test.  I will go over the scored at conferences.
  • We finished our first reading unit focused on government.  Students should be getting used to how homework, class work, and quizzes go with these units.  We will start a new unit Monday focused on characters.
  • Your child received a couple book orders for October. You may either place your order online, or your child may bring the order form with payment to school.  Click here if you'd like to place an online order.
  • It's not too late to order school pictures.  They will still be accepted on Monday.  I'm still waiting on the make-up date for those who missed out on picture day.
  • Next week is Parent Conference Week.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress. Click here for the Zoom link to join parent conference. Meeting ID: 867 7220 8709.  See you all next week!
September 13-17
  • Students have been working on various math problems in class.  We have learned a chant to help them remember the steps to solve word problems.  They have also been practicing with the make a ten strategy for adding.  
  • We celebrated International Dot Day on September 15th by creating an abstract colorful dot using positive and negative space. 
  • We are working on finding the main idea in our reading.  We finished the first week of Unit 1 in our text about government.  Ask your child about the job of a smoke jumper or who Betsy Ross was. 
  • Science also started this week - we talked about the different kinds of water and land and learned how rivers flow down slopes towards the ocean. I'll share some photos of our experiment. 
  • Please remember to send me a request if you require a translator for your parent conference next month.  
  • Thank you for your support for our Educational Community Club Drive.  Please turn in your envelope with a parent signature by next Friday, September 24th. Thank you!
September 7-10
  • Students are continuing to work on building up their math fluency. We have practiced with online fact fluency challenges and taking 5 minute timed tests for addition and subtraction.  
  • Since we are unable to go on real field trips at this time, students went on a live virtual field trip to a dairy farm in Ontario.  Students learned many facts about cows and then followed a directed drawing to create cute cartoon cows. This will lead to our nutrition unit by the Dairy Council.
  • Students are continuing to get familiar with Google Classroom this week. We had a few assignments practicing with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • Next week we will start our language arts homework. It will include areas we will learn throughout the week and be completed over the course of the week.  
  • Show your support for Student Council by purchasing your Growth Mindset shirt!  Scan the QR code on the flyer your child received in their Friday Folder.
  • Community Club Education Support Drive has begun! Your child received the envelope today.  Thank you for supporting our school!
August 30-September 3
  • This week students read a non-fiction book in Benchmark Advance called Hurricanes. They wrote about a storm that they have seen before and watched a video about Hurricane Katrina.
  • We had our first theater class this week in the MPR. Students will be learning creative ways to express themselves.  Ask your child what he/she learned.
  • We started working on some SeeSaw activities. Your child will be having homework sometimes using SeeSaw at home.  
  • Please remember anytime students use a device at home they need need to log in using their information.  See details here.
  • Continue to have your child practice math fluency by visiting the sites we have tried in class (Ex: Xtra math, FactMonster)
  • Parent Conference sign-ups. Please click here to sign-up if you haven't done so yet.  If you need a translator for the conference please let me know.
  • We have been reading and quizzing in Epic. Epic has a lot of books for your child to read at his/her level. Unfortunately, your child only has access to it until 3:00 pm (unless you are in before 3:00 and leave it open).  If you would like your child to have unlimited access to EPIC, you can purchase a subscription.
August 23-27
  • Routines and procedures are getting better everyday.  This week students knew what to expect and often were ready to go without any reminders. 
  • Students have about twenty minutes daily to read their AR books in class and to take a quiz when he/she is finished.  We all had a chance to take at least one quiz this week and see how online quizzing works.  On Monday you will receive a letter explaining how you can sign-up for Home Connect for AR. By signing up, you will be notified of the results of your child's AR quizzes.  
  •  Please sign the reading log on the back of your child's homework tracker after he/she has finished reading.
  • This week we worked on nouns.  Ask your child what nouns they see around them. 
  • In math we are practicing with adding doubles. It would help your child to practice math fluency. Here's a site to try. Click on Addition-Level 1 and Subtraction-Level 1 to practice. Click here to have your child practice. 
  • They have been using a math app called Think Central to practice the skills we've learned in class. Your child may still have unfinished Think Central assignments. Have your child show you their Things to Do in Think Central to see if there are any assignments. If so, please have your child try to complete as many assignments as possible. 
  • Picture day is on Wednesday, September 1st.
  • Order your Growth Mindset t-shirts/sweatshirts here! We wear them on Wednesdays! Click here to order.
August 16-20
  • Students worked hard this week getting the routine of copying down homework as well as completing it.  Your child should also be reading 20 minutes every day and writing the book down on the reading log, which is on the back of the homework tracker.  Don't forget to sign it before it is due on Monday.
  • Please look over the papers inside the red Friday Folder (Returned Papers) and return only the red folder with a parent signature on the yellow page. The papers inside may stay at home.
  • We learned how to make a ten strategy while adding larger numbers. Ask your child to show you how to make a ten when adding numbers like: 8+5 or 9+6.
  • We read the stories The Dot and Giraffes Can't Dance, which are about having a growth mindset. Please have your child share with you how they can have a growth mindset. (Example: I can't add big numbers... YET.  I can do it if I keep trying.)
  • Thank you again for all the donations for our class!  We currently have a room purifier  working in the classroom along with disinfecting wipes and sanitizer.  We are continuing to disinfect our desks daily along with washing or sanitizing each time we go in and out of the classroom.
  • Don't forget book orders are due by August 27th.
August 9-13
  • We had such a great first week! The students all did an amazing job adjusting to in-person learning. Today, students took home their red Friday Folder.  This will come home at the end of the week and needs to be emptied and signed. 
  • They also have a green homework folder.  Please remind your child to bring his/her homework back to school everyday.
  • Thank you for joining our Back to School Night and as I mentioned, if at anytime you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Class Dojo is the preferred method.
  • Safety Protocols we are doing in our class:  
    • Wearing masks at all times.
    • Student desks are wiped down daily with disinfectant wipes.
    • Students are washing or disinfecting hands before snack and lunch and after all recess breaks.
    • Our class will have at least 1 air purifier.
  • Thank you for all the donations for our class!  Please return the white envelope by Monday, August 16th if you haven't done so yet.
  • Students need a pencil box for their desk supplies, if you have not sent one with your child please do so by Monday.  Our original supply list was missing this item.  If your child does not have one I will provide a container for them.
  • Book orders were sent home today. If you plan to purchase any books, please submit orders by Friday, August 27th.  (See book order letter below)
  • This week we read some great picture books: First Day Jitters, Our Class is a Family, Second Grade Here I Come, Dragons Love Tacos, and Dragons Love Tacos 2 the Sequel.   Ask your child to share his/her favorite one.  
  • They learned a lot of information about me and shared many things about themselves.  I look forward to continuing to learn more daily.
  • And last we are in need of a Room Parent for our class.  Please let me know if you are interested.  It should be a pretty easy job this year.
  • Have a restful weekend!
Upcoming Important Dates:
  • September 1 and 3: Fall Picture Day
  • September 6: Labor Day- No School
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